When a Death Occurs

A certificate to certify the cause of death must be signed by a doctor or coroner. The family doctor will normally be able to sign the certificate providing he has treated the person during the previous months for a condition that may have caused their death. If the family doctor is unable to sign the certificate, then the coroner will be notified.

A doctor is required at all times to certify that life is absent from the body.

When Death Occurs in A Hospital or Nursing Home

The majority of natural deaths now occur in a hospital or nursing home with a doctor in attendance. In these cases, it is a simple matter to obtain the death certificate from the attending physician.

If your loved one dies in a hospital or a nursing home, contact your funeral director and we will advise you on everything that needs to be done and will make all the necessary arrangements. Often the nursing home or private hospital will ask you on admission of your preferred funeral director.

When Death Occurs at Home

The days of the occurrence of a natural death at home has become less common. However, if your loved one dies at home, the first person to contact will be your doctor. When the doctor has been and they have advised they will write the death certificate, call your funeral director before any further arrangements are made. We will advise you on everything that needs to be done and will make all the necessary arrangements.

When Death Occurs Accidentally or Suddenly

If your loved one dies accidentally or suddenly it can often be a shock and an experience for which you are not prepared. The coroner will need to be notified through the police and an autopsy performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Once the death has been reported to the police, they will make arrangements for the body to conveyed to the Coroner’s facility by the Government Undertaker. Please note that you do not have to use the Government Undertaker to make the funeral arrangements. You are free to use any Funeral Director you choose.

Once the police have been contacted you should then contact your funeral director who will advise you of what needs to be done and will liaise with the police and the Coroner.

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What to do When Someone Dies

The Queensland Government Publication “Managing Affairs After a Death” is an online checklist of important tasks you’ll need to take care of when a loved one dies.

  • Death Certificate, Wills and the Estate
  • Financial Matters
  • Transport
  • Health Services
  • Lifestyle and Personal
  • Government Support
  • Property
  • Utilities
  • Social and Welfare Services
  • Work and Professional Life
  • Insurances

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