It is often good to be prepared and not to leave a burden for those who follow you, and today many people are preparing for the inevitable by pre-planning and pre-paying for the funeral.

Despite its inevitability, death is part and parcel of life. It makes us fearful and uncomfortable about the unknown. Through the fear of our own death, we do not wish to confront it in others. The loss of one of our closest loved ones can be very real and very immediate and can often leave us in a state of disbelief and disarray.

Consequently when death occurs many people are unprepared for the decisions and arrangements that must be made. At the time of death there could be nothing worse than making funeral arrangements for a loved one and doing what you think they would want and it actually may not be what they wanted at all.

A Will leaves instructions on how someone’s assets and possessions are to be distributed at the time of their death, you know that persons wishes. Pre-arranging a funeral is very similar. Pre-arranging your funeral with Len Russell Funerals will leave instructions to your family and loved ones about your wishes for your funeral.

If you would like a copy of the Len Russell Funerals information booklet to start pre-planning a funeral, please feel free to contact our office.

Additionally, Len Russell Funerals can arrange funeral pre-payment through SUREPLAN FRIENDLY SOCIETY. Sureplan offer 2 ways for to fund a funeral, one for those people under 55 years of age (specialist funeral insurance) and another for those over 55 years of age (funeral bond). A brochure/application form is available from Len Russell Funerals outlining these two ways.